Directions for questions 1-15:Find the synonyms of the following words

1. Depreciation

Ans. Deflation, Depression, Devaluation, fall, slump in value

2. Deprecate

Ans. Feel and express disapproval of

3. Incentive

Ans. Thing one encourages a person to do something

4. Echelon

Ans. Level of authority or responsibility

5. Innovation

Ans.To make changes or introduce new things

6. Intermittant

Ans. Externally stopping and then starting

7. Detrimental


8. Aberration

Ans. Deviation

9. Conciliation

Ans.To make less angry or more friendly

10. Orthodox

Ans.Conventional or superstitious

11. Fallible

Ans.Liable to err

12. Volatile

Ans.Ever changing

13. Manifestion

Ans.Clear or obvious

14. Connotation

Ans. Suggest in addition to the fundamental meaning

15. Reciprocal

Ans. Reverse, Opposite


1. There are 150 weights .Some are 1 kg weights and some are 2 kg weights. The sum of the weights is 260.What is the number of 1kg weights?

Ans. 40

2. A is driving on a highway when the police fines him for overspeeding and exceeding the limit by 10 km/hr.At the same time B is fined for overspeeding by twice the amount by which A exceeded the limit.If he was driving at 35 km/hr what is the speed limit for the road?

Ans. 15 kmph

3. A moves 3 kms east from his starting point . He then travels 5 kms north. From that point he moves 8 kms to the east.How far is A from his starting point?

Ans. 13 kms

4. A car travels 12 kms with a 4/5th filled tank.How far will the car travel with 1/3 filled tank?

Ans. 5 kms

5. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 8. When 18 is added to the number, the digits are reversed. Find the number?

Ans. 35

6. The cost of one pencil, two pens and four erasers is Rs.22 while the cost of five pencils, four pens and two erasers is Rs.32.How much will three pencils, three pens and three erasers cost?

Ans. 27

7. Fathers age is 5 times his son's age. 4 years back the father was 9 times older than son.Find the fathers' present age.

Ans. 40 years

8. What number should be added to or subtracted from each term of the ratio 17 : 24 so that it becomes equal to 1 : 2.

Ans. 10 should be subtracted

9. What is the 12th term of the series 2, 5, 8, ....

Ans. 35

10. If 20 men take 15 days to to complete a job, in how many days can 25 men finish that work?

Ans. 12 days

11. In a fraction, if 1 is added to both the numerator at the denominator, the fraction becomes 1/2. If numerator is subtracted from the denominator, the fraction becomes 3/4. Find the fraction.

Ans. 3/7

12. If Rs.1260 is divided between between A, B and C in the ratio 2:3:4, what is C's share?

Ans. Rs. 560

13. A shopkeeper bought a watch for Rs.400 and sold it for Rs.500.What is his profit percentage?

Ans. 25%

14. What percent of 60 is 12?

Ans. 20%

15. Hansie made the following amounts in seven games of cricket in India: Rs.10, Rs.15, Rs.21, Rs.12, Rs.18, Rs.19 and Rs.17(all figures in crores of course).Find his average earnings.

Ans. Rs.16 crore

  1. User(s) are complaining of delays when using the network. What would you do?
  2. What are some of the problems associated with operating a switched LAN?
  3. Name some of the ways of combining TCP/IP traffic and SNA traffic over the same link.
  4. What sort of cabling is suitable for Fast Ethernet protocols?
  5. What is a Class D IP address?
  6. Why do I sometimes lose a server's address when using more than one server?
  7. What is Firewall?
  8. How do I monitor the activity of sockets?
  9. How would I put my socket in non-blocking mode?
  10. What are RAW sockets?
  11. What is the role of TCP protocol and IP protocol.
  12. What is UDP?
  13. How can I make my server a daemon?
  14. How should I choose a port number for my server?
  15. Layers in TCP/IP
  16. How can I be sure that a UDP message is received?
  17. How to get IP header of a UDP message
  18. Writing UDP/SOCK_DGRAM applications
  19. How many bytes in an IPX network address?
  20. What is the difference between MUTEX and Semaphore?
  21. What is priority inversion?
  22. Different Solutions to dining philosophers problem.
  23. What is a message queue?
  24. Questions on Shared Memory.
  25. What is DHCP?
  26. Working of ping, telnet, gopher.
  27. Can I connect two computers to internet using same line ?
  1. 3 main differences between flexgrid control and dbgrid control
  2. ActiveX and Types of ActiveX Components in VB
  3. Advantage of ActiveX Dll over Active Exe
  4. Advantages of disconnected recordsets
  5. Benefit of wrapping database calls into MTS transactions
  6. Benefits of using MTS
  7. Can database schema be changed with DAO, RDO or ADO?
  8. Can you create a tabletype of recordset in Jet - connected ODBC database engine?
  9. Constructors and distructors
  10. Controls which do not have events
  11. Default property of datacontrol
  12. Define the scope of Public, Private, Friend procedures?
  13. Describe Database Connection pooling relative to MTS
  14. Describe: In of Process vs. Out of Process component. Which is faster?
  15. Difference between a function and a subroutine, Dynaset and Snapshot,early and late binding, image and picture controls,Linked Object and Embedded Object,listbox and combo box,Listindex and Tab index,modal and moduless window, Object and Class,Query unload and unload in form, Declaration and Instantiation an object?
  16. Draw and explain Sequence Modal of DAO
  17. How can objects on different threads communicate with one another?
  18. How can you force new objects to be created on new threads?
  19. How does a DCOM component know where to instantiate itself?
  20. How to register a component?
  21. How to set a shortcut key for label?
  22. Kind of components can be used as DCOM servers
  23. Name of the control used to call a windows application
  24. Name the four different cursor and locking types in ADO and describe them briefly
  25. Need of zorder method, no of controls in form, Property used to add a menus at runtime, Property used to count number of items in a combobox,resize a label control according to your caption.
  26. Return value of callback function, The need of tabindex property
  27. Thread pool and management of threads within a thread pool
  28. To set the command button for ESC, Which property needs to be changed?
  29. Type Library and what is it's purpose?
  30. Types of system controls, container objects, combo box
  31. Under the ADO Command Object, what collection is responsible for input to stored procedures?
  32. VB and Object Oriented Programming
  33. What are the ADO objects? Explain them.
  34. What are the different compatibility types when we create a COM component?
  35. What do ByVal and ByRef mean and which is the default?
  36. What does Option Explicit refer to?
  37. What does the Implements statement do?
  38. What is OLE and DDE? Explain.
  39. What is the difference between Msgbox Statement and MsgboxQ function?
  40. What keyword is associated with raising system level events in VB?
  41. What methods are called from the ObjectContext object to inform MTS that the transaction was successful or unsuccessful?
  42. What types of data access have you used.
  43. What was introduced to Visual Basic to allow the use of Callback Functions?
  44. Which controls can not be placed in MDI?
  45. Which controls have refresh method, clear method
  46. Which Property is used to compress a image in image control?
  47. Which property of menu cannot be set at run time?
  48. Which property of textbox cannot be changed at runtime and What's the maximum size of a textbox?
  49. Which tool is used to configure the port range and protocols for DCOM communications?
  1. Meaning - Abstract classes, abstract methods
  2. Difference - Java,C++
  3. Difference between == and equals method
  4. Explain Java security model
  5. Explain working of Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  6. Difference : Java Beans, Servlets
  7. Difference : AWT, Swing
  8. Disadvantages of Java
  9. What is BYTE Code ?
  10. What gives java it's "write once and run anywhere" nature?
  11. Does Java have "goto"?
  12. What is the meaning of "final" keyword?
  13. Can I create final executable from Java?
  14. Explain Garbage collection mechanism in Java
  15. Why Java is not 100% pure object oriented language?
  16. What are interfaces? or How to support multiple inhertance in Java?
  17. How to use C++ code in Java Program?
  18. Difference between "APPLET" and "APPLICATION"
  1. What is the output of printf("%d")
  2. What will happen if I say delete this
  3. Difference between "C structure" and "C++ structure".
  4. Diffrence between a "assignment operator" and a "copy constructor"
  5. What is the difference between "overloading" and "overridding"?
  6. Explain the need for "Virtual Destructor".
  7. Can we have "Virtual Constructors"?
  8. What are the different types of polymorphism?
  9. What are Virtual Functions? How to implement virtual functions in "C"
  10. What are the different types of Storage classes?
  11. What is Namespace?
  12. What are the types of STL containers?.
  13. Difference between "vector" and "array"?
  14. How to write a program such that it will delete itself after exectution?
  15. Can we generate a C++ source code from the binary file?
  16. What are inline functions?
  17. Talk sometiming about profiling?
  18. How many lines of code you have written for a single program?
  19. What is "strstream" ?
  20. How to write Multithreaded applications using C++?
  21. Explain "passing by value", "passing by pointer" and "passing by reference"
  22. Write any small program that will compile in "C" but not in "C++"
  23. Have you heard of "mutable" keyword?
  24. What is a "RTTI"?
  25. Is there something that I can do in C and not in C++?
  26. Why preincrement operator is faster than postincrement?
  27. What is the difference between "calloc" and "malloc"?
  28. What will happen if I allocate memory using "new" and free it using "free" or allocate sing "calloc" and free it using "delete"?
  29. What is Memory Alignment?
  30. Explain working of printf.
  31. Difference between "printf" and "sprintf".
  32. What is "map" in STL?
  33. When shall I use Multiple Inheritance?
  34. What are the techniques you use for debugging?
  35. How to reduce a final size of executable?
  36. Give 2 examples of a code optimization.