1. Which is the fastest Cruise Missile?
  2. What is Wi Fi?
  3. The New Biotechnology Software intorduced by TCS is?
  4. Which country is not a Member of SAARC

    a) Bangladesh
    b) Myanmar
    c) Maldives
    d) Nepal
  5. Laser is used for what?

    a) Treatment of Cancer
    b) Treatment of Eyes
    c) Treatment of Heart
    d) Treatment of Kidney
  6. In Which Day world Telecom Day Celebrated?
  7. The area of red planet where the Mars Rover Landed?
  8. Find values for a,b,c,d

    c 1 1 1
    0 a 1 b
    1 0 d 0

  9. The minumum no. of Multiplications needed to compute x^768 is

    a) 9
    b) 10
    c) 425
    d) 767
  10. What is Interface Control Information?
  11. In a switch the mean arrival rate of packets is 800 Packets/sec and the the mean service
    rate is 925 Packets/sec

    a) .008 Sec
    b) .08 sec
    c) .8 sec
    d) 1.1 sec
  12. Average No. of Comparisons required to sort 3 elements is

    a) 2
    b) 2.33
    c) 2.67
    d) 3
  13. The internal path length of a Bonary Tree with 10nodes is 25. The external path length is

    a) 25
    b) 35
    c) 40
    d) 45
  14. The minumum number of comparisons requied to find the second smallest element in a
    1000 element array is

    a) 1008
    b) 1010
    c) 1999
    d) 2000
  15. Suppose all elements above the principal diagonal od n x n matix A are zero. If non zero
    elements of the lower triangular Matrix is stored in an array B with A[1][1] stored at
    B[1]. The addressing formula to the nonzero element in A[i][j]=?

    a) A[i][j]
    b) i(j-1)/2 +i
    c) j(i-1)/2 +i
    d) i(i-1)/2 +j
  16. A harddisk has a rotation speed of 4500RPM. then the latency time is

    a) .4
    b) .6
    c) .7
    d) .9
  17. Average transfer speed of a i/p serial line is minimum 25,000 Bytes & maximum 60000
    Bytes. Polling Strategy adopted takes 4microsec(whether there is any i/p byte or not). It is assured that byte that retrived from controller before next byte arrives are lost. Then the maximum safe polling interveal is

    a) 12
    b) 12.33
    c) 12.67
    d) 32
  18. Assume a system has 16MB cache mean Disk Access Time & cache Access time is 76.5
    ns & 1.5 overall mean Access time us 465ms for each tripling the memory the miss rate is
    halved. The memory required to bring down the mean Access time to 24ns is

    a) 16 MB
    b) 24 MB
    c) 32 MB
    d) 48 MB
  19. The no. of edjes in disjoint Hamilton circuit in a complex graph with 17 edges is

    a) 8
    b) 9
    c) 136
    d) 17^2
  20. If 100ns is Memory Access Time & 125 microsec is 1frame period. The no. of line that
    can be supported in a Time Divison Switch is

    a)125 Lines
    b)625 Lines
    c)525 Lines
    d)465 Lines

  1. A horse is tied to the corner of a square of side 15 m with a rope of
    length 14m.Find the area which the horse can graze and the area which
    it cannot.
  2. The ratio of incomes of C and D is 3:4.the ratio of their
    expenditures is 4:5.Find the ratio of their savings if the savings of C if one
    fourths of his income.
  3. Find the no of ways in which four balls can be selected from 4 green
    and 6 white balls
  4. A is 6 times as fast as B and takes 100 days less to complete a work
    than B. find the total no of days taken by A and B to complete the
  5. A cube is painted Black. It is divided into 125 equal cubes.find the
    no of cubes which have atleast 2 sides painted black.
  6. If a covers 15 miles in 20 minutes and 20 miles in 30 min then find
    the average speed of A.
  7. The ratio of the no of boys to teachers is 3:80.if 3/5 of the
    students r girls and the no of boys is 51 more then the no of girls find the
    no of teachers.( Not sure may be one more condition missing).
  1. Register variables can hold

    a Garbage values
    b Arrays
    c Double values
    d All of the above
  2. When an array is passed to a function what exactly is passed.

    the values of the array
    the address of the starting variable in the array.
    The addresses of the elements in the array
  3. Compiler recognizes the function as pure virtual function if
    A The function if equated to 0.
    B the function has no body
    C if it is declared with the keyword virtual
    D none
  4. which of the foll is correct

    A static enum num{ON,OFF}
    B static const enum num{ON, OFF}
    C const enum num{ON, OFF}
    D None
  5. 1. What is Peer to Peer protocol?
    2. What is Router, Modem, TCP/IP & in which layer they operate?
    3. What is the function of router?
    4. What are the different types of Modems?
    5. What are the different types of Addressing?
    6. How does Internet work?
    7. What do you mean by Client- server?
    8. Can we call server as a Peer?
    9. What are the components of the Application Layer?
HR Questions:-
  1. Very common HR questions were asked:
    1. Introduce urself.
    2. weakness?
    3. Why WIPRO?
    4. ready to relocate?
    5. what do you know about Wipro?

    Some questions were asked from the CV:
    1. Why did you scored less in Class-XII than class-X
    2. How did you get the project from MICROSOFT?
    3. What are your hobbies?
    4. What was the Debate Topic in which u participated?
    5. How were you selected for All India Mathematics Olympiad Exam?
    6. What were your contributions in the college Fest?
  2. 1. Introduce urself.
    2. Family background.
    3. Why JIS College of Engineering?
  1. Questions On
    1. Ur Projects
    2. memory management in Operating System.
    3. Unix basic commands
    4. doubly linked list
    5. Fibonacci series and palindrome program in C
    6. Gates(Be prepare on Digital Circuit Logic Design)
    7. software development life cycle
    8. complier design(phases)
    9. TCP&IP and OSI Model.
    10. OOPS concepts.
Personal Interview Question :: HR:-
  1. Tell me about ur academics..
    Tell me about ur family background..
    What u are doing now..
    Why bglore..
    What kind of music do u prefer..
    Ur recent favourite song..
    Who is ur favourite singer..
    Strength..with example..
    Weakness..with examples and how u can improve on this..
    What is ur greatest achievement in life..
    Which is ur favourite pgmng language..
    Rate urself in C..
    Briefly describe ur main project..
    Software development life cycle..explain each phase..
    Who is ur role model..why..
    Where do u c urself after 2 years..
    What is ur goal in life??what if company's goal is different from ur
    Why should i hire you..
    Any questions..
Personal Interview Question :: Technical:-
  1. tell me about ur academics..
  2. what was ur engg entrance rank..
  3. why u choosed this college..
  4. why ur aggregate is 68%..
  5. what is ur position in ur class..
  6. which is ur favourite language..
  7. can u compile c pgm in c++ compiler ? wot abt the reverse?
  8. what is a static variable..
  9. what is the size of a float variable..
  10. what is the size of a pointer variable..
  11. what is paging..
  12. what is swapping..
  13. why each process is loaded to the main memory for execution..
  14. what is main memory..
  15. what is page fault..
  16. how its handled...
  17. who is handling that...
  18. what is multitasking..
  19. what is multi threading..
  20. if in a multi user system a static variable is initialised as 10 and first user increments its value by 1 and then the second user increments its value by one..what is the value of the variable now..
  21. what is DBMS..
  22. what is RDBMS...
  23. what is the difference b/w the two..
  24. what is primary key..
  25. whats foreign key..
  26. whats 3rd normal form..
  27. explain it with tables..
  28. what are the advantages of normalisation..
  29. 1. pointer to structure.
    2. static variable and difference b/w(const char *p,char const
    *p,const char* const p).
    3 pass by value & reference.
    4. string library functions(syntax).
    5. Write a program to compare two strings without using the strcmp()
    6. Write a program to concatenate two strings.
    7. Write a program to interchange 2 variables without using the
    third one.
    8. Write programs for String Reversal & Palindrome check .
    9. Write a program to find the Factorial of a number.
    10. Write a program to generate the Fibinocci Series.
    11. Searching and sorting alogorithms with complexities.
Personal Interview Question :: HR:-
  1. Tell about ur fmily background
  2. What are your Interests?
  3. What are your positive qualities?
  4. Introduce Yourself
  5. Why Accenture
  6. Biggest Achievement
  7. Strengths and Weakness
  8. Career Objective

Personal Interview Question :: Technical:-
  1. Tell something abt OOP
  2. What is inheritence
  3. What is Polymorphism
  4. Difference between Bubble sort and Insertion Sort
  5. PL SQL triggers cursors strd procedures,
  6. Write Recursive Factorial Program
  7. Virtual functions/ Abstract classes/ Pointer functions
  8. Explain Primary Memory, Secondary Memory, Virtual Memory
  9. diff. b/w c++ structures & c structures
  10. difference b/w char *str = "Hello"; char arr[] = "Hello";
  11. list the various types of storage classes and explain the scope & lifetime of each one..
  12. What is the minimum no. of weighing to make to find
    out a heavier ball among 8 balls
  1. Questions On
    1. far and near pointer
    2. question on macros : macros with arguments.
    3. questions on structure pointer.
    4. questions on files. Lseek , fputs, fwrite.
    5. sorting and searching. Time complexity of BST.
    6. malloc , realloc syntax
    1. Multiple, multilevel inheritance.
    2. templates and using template how to overload new and delete operators.
    3. container classes.
    4. friend functions and how they access member functions. Its use.
    5. Questions on file handling.
  2. Study the Following Points:
    a.One Cannot Take the address of a Bit Field
    b.bit fields cannot be arrayed
    c.Bit-Fields are machine Dependant
    d.Bit-fields cannot be declared as static
    Which of the Following Statements are true w.r.t Bit-Fields
    A)a,b&c B)Only a & b C)Only c D)All
  3. What is the function of ceil(X) defined in math.h do?
    A)It returns the value rounded down to the next lower integer
    B)it returns the value rounded up to the next higher integer
    C)the Next Higher Value
    D)the next lower value
  4. Identify the correct argument for the function call fflush() in
    ANSI C:
    D)All the above
  5. Which of the Following will define a type NODE that is a node in a
    Linked list?
    A)struct node {NODE*next;int x;};type def struct node NODE;
    B)typedef struct NODE {struct NODE *next;int x;};
    C)typedef struct NODE {NODE *next;int x;};
    D)typedef struct {NODE *next;int x;}NODE;
  6. .Study the code:

    void show()
    void show (char *s)

    What will happen if it is compiled & run on an ANSI C Compiler?
    A)It will compile & nothing will be printed when it is executed
    B)it will compile but not link
    C)the compiler will generate an error
    D)the compiler will generate a warning
  7. .Look at the Code:
    void main()
    char s1[]=="abcd";
    char s2[10];
    char s3[]=="efgh";
    int i;

    What will be the output?
    A)No output B) A Non Integer C)0 D) Garbage
  8. .Look at the Code:
    int a[]=={1,2,3},i;
  9. what is the output?
    #define fun(a,b,t) (g ##t==(a),(a)==(b),(b)==g##t)
    float gfloat;
    float a==1.12,b==3.14;
    fun (a,b,float);

    A)Error in Defining Macro
    D)None of teh Above
  10. study the code:
    void main()
    const int a=0;
    int *p;
    What is printed?

    A)100,101 B)100,100 C)101,101 D)None of the above
  11. Which of the following are valid "include" formats?
    A)#include and #include[file.h]
    B)#include (file.h) and #include
    C)#include [file.h] and #include "file.h"
    D)#include and #include "file.h"
  1. What is command to know the IP and MAC address of your machine in
    windows platform?
    a) ifconfig b)Ipconfig/all c)ping d) All the above
  2. MTFS, CDFS, EXT3, FAT32, and EXT2, which of the below are the windows
    file system?
    a) FAT32 and EXT3 b)EXT3 c) NTFS and FAT32 d) CDFS and EXT2
  3. The completion and base lining of the users manual and installation
    instructions should be an entry criteria into which of the following phase
    gate reviews.
    a) Critical design review b) System test readiness review c) Ready to
    ship review d) Post project review
  4. The product quality risk from testing point of view is highest when the
    system under test is a
    a) Standalone b) Distributed System c) Client and server d) None of the
  5. Http is based on which underline protocal
    a) TCP b) SNMP c) FTP d) IP
  6. When can you say that performance of your application is high.
    a) High through put low latency b) Low through put high latency c) High
    through put High latency d) Low through put low latency
  7. Which is the last/terminate state of a bug?
    a) Re-open b) Defered c) Enhanced d) None of the above
  8. Which of the following is a testing technique?
    a) White box b) System testing c) unit testing d) Regression
  9. How can you force the client to give up the dhcp lease if you have
    access to the client PC?
    a) ipconfig/release b) ipconfig/renew c) ipconfig/delete d)
  10. Testing of Non-Functional requirements does not involove
    a) Performance tests b) Reliability tests c) usability tests d)
    Configuration tests
  11. DNS is used to
    a) MAP IP address to machine names b) MAP IP address to MAC address c)
    MAP IP address to domain names d) None of the above
  12. Based on risk exposure, which of the following risks would have the
    highest priority?
    a) Risk A that has a 25% probability of a problem occuring that would
    cost $30,000
    b) Risk B that has a 15% probability of a problem occuring that would
    cost $400,000
    c) Risk C that has a 25% probability of a problem occuring that would
    cost $180,000
    d) Risk D that has a 25% probability of a problem occuring that would
    cost $250,000
  13. When a varaible is deleted using "my" in perl, then
    a) It can be accessed only within the block it is declared
    b) It can be accessed outside the block it is declared
    c) It is visible in routines called from the block in which it is
    d) It can be accessed globally across the program
  14. what is the output of this perl statement
    print join(':',split(/*/,'hi there'));
    a) h:i:t:h:e:r:e
    b) h:i: t:h:e:r:e
    c) :h:i:t:h:e:r:e
    d) h:i: :t:h:e:r:e
  15. Which of these is reliable protocal?
    a) UDP b) SNMP c) FTP d) TCP
  1. A boy got bored of the class and started walking on
    a hall which contained 1024 lockers in a row. He first
    opened locker 1 and alternatively left one and opened
    one from thereon. When he reached the end he turned
    back and opened the first closed locker and from
    thereon continued what he did previously. He did this
    back and fro method till he opened the last locker.

    What is the number of the last locker he opened?
  2. Two mathematicians met after 27 years in their
    college. This was their conversation.

    First: How are you doing?
    Second: Fine I got married and have three daughters.
    First: Fine. I also got married 2 years after the
    college. How old are your daughters?
    Second: Well, Product of their ages is 72 and their
    sum is equal to that house number (It was not
    First: Wait, I am still counting.
    Second: Sorry, youngest of them has just started
    First: Is it! Youngest of mine is also of the same

    How old are the three daughters?
  3. In the 2nd world war Japan’s war ship named J was
    followed by the USA war ship U which is traveling at
    100kmph. By the time U was beside J and ready to
    launch the torpedo, the place was surrounded by fog
    and the army-general in U could not see anything.
    Taking this as a chance J changed in direction at an
    angle. After 6min the general in U realized it and
    informed the helicopter over it to find J. After 3
    minutes the helicopter replied that J turned at an
    angle 45 degrees and was 5km away from U at the time
    when the general asked for it. The intelligent general
    quickly turned U and successfully caught J.

    How much time “U” would have taken to catch “J”?
  4. There is a temple on the top of the hill of height
    1000mtrs.Coconuts at the base of the hill are sold at
    5/- each and at the top of the hill at 50/- each. One
    intelligent businessman thought of buying coconuts at
    the base and selling them at the top. For that he
    appointed 2 people who can carry only 1000 coconuts at
    a time and takes 1 coconut for every mtr of walk.

    Can he succeed in his plan. If yes how much profit he
    earns for a rupee of investment?
  5. There is bag containing balls of three colors-Red,
    Green and Yellow and there are three color blind
    people A, B and C.
    For A Red is invisible and every other color
    appears Gray.
    For B Green is invisible and every other color
    appears Gray.
    For A Yellow is invisible and every other color
    appears Gray.

    They were shown the box and when asked the question
    what can see their replies were
    A: I can see two balls.
    B: I can see two balls.
    C: I can see two balls.
    How many balls were there in the box and of what
  6. There is a farm which contains super hens which r
    genetically made to lay eggs of double size than the
    normal ones. But as genetic engg. is not well
    understood there is only 50-50% chance of a super hen
    laying large egg.
    The farm is such tht it keeps the hen as long as
    it lays large eggs and removes the hen out of the farm
    as soon as it lays one normal egg.
    The farm followed the same process for one year
    and counted all the eggs laid by all the super hens.
    At the end of the year the ratio of large eggs to the
    normal ones is?
  7. There are 8 stamps, 4 Red and 4 Green. There are
    three logicians also. One moderator sticks thow stamps
    each on the forhead of each logician such that each of
    them can see all the stamps except those on his
    forhead and the two in moderator's pocket. Then the
    moderator asked each whether he knows the colors of
    the stamps he wears? Then the answeres were:
    A: "No" B: "No" C: "No"
    A: "No" B: "Yes"
    What were the colours of the stamps that B wears?
  8. There's a camel living in a desert. There is a
    market 1000 miles away. The camel has 3000 dates for
    sale. It has to take the date to the market. But for
    that hte camel eats one date per mile. How many dates
    the camel can trade?
  9. There are following denominations of money: 1, 2,
    5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 paise. Alex has as twice mony
    as David, who has as twice as Bindya, who again has as
    twice money as Charles. Each has two coins in hand.
    Which coins Bindya has?
  10. There are Brown and Black cows. In five days four
    black cows and 3 brown cows give as mush as milk that
    four brown cows and 5 black cows give in four days. If
    the black cow gives 10 litres of milk per day, how
    many liters of milk the Brown cow will give in one
    day?(Numbers are not certain)
  11. One guy (some name) has Rs. 100/- in hand. He has
    to buy 100 balls. One football costs Rs. 15/, One
    Cricket ball costs Re. 1/- and one table tennis ball
    costs Rs. 0.25 He spend the whole Rs. 100/- to buy the
    balls. How many of each balls he bought?
  12. U need 2 kill a dragon with 3 heads & 3 tails. u
    have a magic sword dat can cut 1 head, 2 heads, 1
    tail, or 2 tails in 1 swing.
    if 1 head is cut -> a new head grows
    if 1 tail is cut -> 2 tails grow
    if 2 tails r cut -> 1 head grows
    if 2 heads r chopped -> nothing grows. What is d min.
    num of swings 2 b made?
  13. Slow train runs b/w Blore & Mumbai, up as well as
    down. It starts at 10:00pm everyday & reaches
    destination by 11:30pm after 3 days. If u travel by
    Slow train, how many such trains will u encounter
    during journey?
  14. A num of birds, black & white, r sitting on thhe
    tele wire. There is at least 1 bir of each color, also
    whenevr 2 birds are seperated by 4 or 7 other boirds
    of any color, both birds r of same color. Wot is the
    max. num of birds dat can b seated in this fashion?
  15. 5 ppl, A, B, C, D, E are supposed 2 cover a certain
    distance from their car to a house. There is only 1
    umbrela dat can b shared by 2 ppl at a time.
    It takes 1min for A 2 cover the dist, B->2 min,
    C->5min, D->10min, E->15min.
    Wot is d quickest poss time 4 the entire grp 2 get
    into the house?
  16. Mr.X belongs 2 a grp of 8 ppl including himself. In
    d meeting, nobody shakes hands with the same person
    more than once but everyone shakes hands with at least
    1 person.
    After the meeting is over, Mr.X realizes dat all the
    other ppl in the party had shook a diff num of hands.
    How many hands did Mr.X shake?
  17. Old Man Wrinkle
    Man Wrinkle spent one-fourth of his life as a boy,
    one-eighth as a youth, and one-half as an active man.
    If Man Wrinkle spent 8 years as an old man, then how
    many years did he spend as an active man?
  18. A farmer has C chickens.A sack of feed comes for 9
    days.As the feed cost is increasing the
    farmer sells some chickens and retains 12 chicken.If
    he reduces the feed quantity by 10% .Then
    he observesthat the feed comes for 30 days.What is C?
  19. The Carpenter and the Nails
    A 31" x 31" square metal plate needs to be fixed by a
    carpenter on to a wooden board. The carpenter uses
    nails all along the edges of the square such that
    there are 32 nails on each side of the square. Each
    nail is at the same distance from the neighboring
    nails. How many nails does the carpenter use?
  20. Vacation time
    It was vacation time, and so I decided to visit my
    cousin's home. What a grand time we had! In the
    mornings, we both would go for a jog. The evenings
    were spent on the tennis court. Tiring as these
    activities were, we could manage only one per day,
    i.e., either we went for a jog or played tennis each
    day. There were days when we felt lazy and stayed home
    all day long.
    Now, there were 12 mornings when we did nothing, 18
    evenings when we stayed at home, and a total of 14
    days when we jogged or played tennis. For how many
    days did I stay at my cousin's place?
  21. Monkeys and bananas:
    Suppose 8 monkeys take 8 minutes to eat 8 bananas.
    (a) How many minutes would it take 3 monkeys to eat 3
    bananas?(b) How many monkeys would it take to eat 48 bananas
    in 48 minutes
  22. Glenn and Jason each have a collection of cricket
    balls. Glenn said that if Jason would give him 2 of
    his balls they would have an equal number; but, if
    Glenn would give Jason 2 of his balls, Jason would
    have 2 times as many balls as Glenn. How many balls
    does Jason have?
  23. A set of football matches is to be organized in a
    "round-robin" fashion, i.e., every participating team
    plays a match against every other team once and only
    If 21 matches are totally played, how many teams
  24. Gold coins:
    A rich merchant had collected many gold coins. He did
    not want anybody to know about them. One day, his wife
    asked, "How many gold coins do we have?"
    After pausing a moment, he replied, "Well! If I divide
    the coins into two unequal numbers, then 37 times the
    difference between the two numbers equals the
    difference between the squares of the two numbers."
    The wife looked puzzled. Can you help the merchant's
    wife by finding out how many gold
  1. Algorithm to partition set of numbers into two s.t. diff bw their
    sum is min and they hav equal num of elements
  2. Prog: given Numerator & Denominator.... print 0.3333333333 as .(3)
    0.123123 as .(123)
  3. There are $1070 dollars how to split them into bags such that asked
    for any denomination from $1 to $1070 , u must b able to give without
    opening bag...
  4. Which is DS used for chess program...to predict move each and every
  5. Which is the DS used in dictionary mode in mobile (t9)
  6. Write 1,3,6,4 using +,-,*,/ to get 24 (no repeat of numbers)
  7. In 1000 wine bottles stack 10 are poisoned given 10 rats what is
    the minimum number of tries to find the poisoned one. Rat dies once it
    licks the poisoned wine.
  8. 2n+1 numbers in a list except for 1 num all had duplicates, how to
    find duplicate in O(n)
  9. In a village in each family they give birth to children till they
    get a boy. IF girl child they try again. What is the ratio of boys to

  1. BE * BE = ACB. Identify A,B,C. Ans : BE = 19
  2. 1/3 of water gets evaporated from a fully filled jar on the first day.
    On the second day 2/3 rd of the left portion gets evaporated. What is
    the amt of water left.
  3. There are 9 cards in three rows and three columns. There is a Red card
    either in the first or second row. There are Three yellow cards occupying
    3 columns. There are three green cards one in each row, and one being in
    the last column. There are two Blue cards one being in the last row.
    Identify their locations.
  4. I was in one of the 9 Aero-planes packed in a single rowIf the product
    of my place from right and the planes to my left is lesser by three than
    the product when I was shifted by 3 position towards right.
    What is my position? (The figures in this pbm may not be exact).
  5. M, T, K, E, and A went to collect berries. Only M collected 40 berries.
    She distributed them among all others, keeping nothing for her. On the
    way T found 2 berries, K lost 2, E doubled her qty, and A lost half of
    what she had. Then all of them were left with equal berries.How many
    beries did M give to each of them.
  6. I walk down the escalator. If I walk 24 steps I require 34 min. If I walk
    down 36 steps I need 26 min. What are the no of steps on the escalator.
    ( Puzzle no 27 of PUZZLES TO PUZZLE YOU by Shakuntala Devi)
  7. There are five people. Each one has a coin on his fore head. It is black
    if he is a liar else it is white. A says I can see four Blacks. B says I
    can see 2 black and 2 whites. WHo is lieing.
  8. A person was collecting end pieces of Cigerettes. He was managed to collect 49
    pieces. We need 7 such pieces to make new one. So how many Cigerettes he can
  9. A person moving from a place(camp)., towards East one mile, then towards North
    half mile, towards West 1/4 the mile, towards South 1/8th mile and again
    towards East 1/16th mile and so on. That is the distance between him and the
    starting point.
  10. 500 men were arranged in 10 rows and 50 columns. They picked the oldest person
    from each row and the tallest of these persons is 'A'. They replace them in
    their places and again picked tallest person from each column and the shortest
    of these persons is 'B'. Assume A & B are different people. Who is the
    tallest person among A & B?
  11. The product of two nonzero numbers is 1,000,000,000. What are the
    numbers ? (Both number don't contain any zero)
  12. There is Mathematician. He met his friend and asked about his children.
    His friend told in the form of a problem that he has three children. The
    product of their ages is 36. The addition of their ages is the door number
    of his left side house. Mathematician went and checked the door number
    He told that the clues are not sufficient. He gave another clue that
    is his younger daughter is clearly younger. What are their ages ?
  13. There is a light glows in the interval of 13 sec. It glows first at one
    hour 54 minutes 50 seconds and the last glow is at 3 hour 17 minute and 49
    seconds. How many times is that light glow, with in these two times ?
  14. After spending 1/3 of money and then 1/4th of what remained and finally 1/5th
    of what remained, I found that I had Rs.100/- left. How much money I had
    at first ?
  15. A Black Smith was given a chain torn into equal sections of 3 links
    each and asked to fix it. How many links(minimum) would he has to open
    up and reforge ?
  16. There are six boxes, of which some boxes contain only red balls and some other
    boxes contain only Black balls. The number of balls in six differnet boxes are
    5,6,12,14,23,and 29. If he sells
  17. first person : I am sure you are at least 40 years old and I am 5 years
    younger than you.
    second person : I am 35 and you are atleast 5 years elder than me. None
    of these persons spoke truth. What are their ages ?
  18. Orange cup has Orange Juice. White cup has apple Juice. %0 ml of
    Orange Juice is taken and mixed with Apple Juice. From that mixture
    50 ml is taken and poured into Orange cup. Now whether apple Juice
    in Orange Cupis more or Orange Juice in White cup is more and by what amount?
  19. Ms. Sheela goes her home by car from Station. Her driver comes and
    picks her up daily at 5.00 p.m. One day Sheela arrives at Station one
    hour earlier and starts walking towards home. On the way driver
    picked her up. By this they reached home 30 minutes earlier. For how
    long she was walking ?
  20. Some students went on a trip to Goa in holidays. Unfortunately it
    rained on some days. In a surprising manner if it rained in the
    morning, they had a good afternoon and vice versa. They had 11 morning
    visits and 12 afternoon visits. Altogether it rained for 13 days
    during their stays. What is the duration of Holidays ?
  21. A survey was conducted for 100 people by Door Darshan
    1. 44 people watched channel I
    2. 43 " " " II
    3. 27 " " " III
    4. 17 " " " I & II
    5. 14 " " " I &III
    6. 13 " " " II & III
    7. 23 watched none.
    How many watched I II & III ?
  22. Two Swimmers at different rate but at constant Speed were swimming.
    They met at 18 meters from deep end. Both swimmers took rest for
    4.5 seconds. During their return they crossed at 10 meters from
    ashlor end. What is the length of the pool ?
  23. Mr. Raj goes to Office by Train. First train in Main line Starts at
    5:02:0. In Harbour Line it starts at 5:10:0. Every Ten minutes there
    is one train. What is the probability that Raj travels in harbour line
    at a random time of Driving the Station?
Questions 1-3 are based on the following:

In a group there are five persons A,B,C,D and E. There
is a sitarist, a professor and a sports person in
thegroup. E is the husband of a member of the
group.This couple is the only married couple in the
group. B is the brother of C. B is neither a professor
nor a sports person. None of the women is either a
sitarist or a sports person. A and D are unmarried and
neither of them is a sitarist or a professsor or a
sports person.

1. Which of the following people is E's wife?

1]A 2]B 3]C 4]D

2. Who is a sports person?

1]A 2]E 3]B 4]C

3. Who is a sitarist?

1]B 2]A 3]C 4]D

4. In a factory, 'a' men work 'b' hours a day and
produce 'c' articles each day. If 'd' men are
released, how many hours a day will the remaining men
have to work to produce 'c'articles each day?

1]ab/d 2]ab/b 3]a-d/b 4]ab/a-d

5. A county cricket team has won 10 matches and lost
4. If these matches represent 70% of the matches to be
played, how many more matches should the team win so
as to have a record of 75% iwns?

1]5 2]6 3]4 4]3

For questions 6-10, read the passage and answer the
questions that follow:

At a time when impressive breakthroughs in
technology are providing new and better products and
services, when improved communications are
transforming thw world into a global village, and when
democracies are sprouting in former communist lands,
we are simultaneously witnessing events that makie us
questioin whether so much progress is indeed
For example, we see reports of widespread
bribery by Italina and Japanese government officials,
exorbitant salaries for executives in North America,
extensive environmental pollution in eastern Europe,
and other instances of immoral or morally questionable
conduct in our organizations. In many otherwise
prospeous and afluent cities, we see an increase in
the numbers of homeless people. Even those who are
fortunate enough to have a job find that work is not
only not an opportunity for growth, but a source of
anxiety and insecurity.
In the popular media as well as in academic
journals, we see great interest in the proposition
that business and other organizations leaders need to
become more responsible not just ot their stock
jolders but also to other stake holders- consumers,
employees, suppliers,government, and locla communites.
Put simply, the quality of life and perhaps the
survivial of society depend on the moral caliber of
its members. This moral caliber, however, is largely
determined by people in leadership positions. The way
leaders function in their positions of influence
directly contributes to strengthening pr weakening the
moral fiber or society. The lives of Buddha, Mohammed,
Lao-Tzu, Gandhi and Socrates attest to their salutary
influence in their own way as well as for all time.
A human being functions not just through the
physical body but also through the use of the
intellect and the will. The intellect penetrates those
deep levels of reality that are spiritual in nature
but that the physical senses and processes cannot
access. It does this through abstract concepts and
ideas that help to make sense of and give meaning to
the acts in the light of spiritual knowledge. It helps
us to make moral choices in living a spiritually
guided life.
How do we describe the concept of spirituality
and its place in that domain? Spirituality is
difficult to define in a manner that is universally
acceptablke because religious beliefs and rites differ
widely age to age and from one society to another.
However, if we analyze the spiritual experience per se
and its behavioral manifestations among individuals of
different religious backgrounds, there is much accord
on the understanding and appreciation of the essence
of spirit at three levels: cognitive, affective, and
outward behavior.
At a cognitive level,spiritual experience
represents a realization that,a t the core of human
existence, there is set of virtues and vices. Virtues
- prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance- are
good habits that enable us to stirve toward relizng
our full potential. Ideally, the goal of human life is
to live these values and overcome the vices.
At an affective or emotional level, the spiritual
experience represents a complete trust and dependence
on such virtues. In its most sublime, the spiritual
experience represents a complete identification with
these values,or with an individual embodying these
values, tha aim being to achieve some forme of
enduring blissful state of existence.
How is the spiritual experience expressed in
outward behavior? What are the sources of the norms
andd principles within the spiritual domain? Response
to such questions generally come from prescriptions of
moral observance of the laws. It is not a question of
an act being legal or illegal, but whether the act is
good or evil. A morally good act is necessarily an
expression of a spirtual act.
The ability to distinguish between morally good
and evil acts is critical to the formation of
character. Knowing ehtical principles alone is of
little value unless we make an effort to habitually
incorporate these principles in our behaviour.
In the final analysis, the reward of the
spiritual experience is that it enables each
individual to grow and fully realize the tremendous
potential unique to that person. If a good moral
character is of the essence of every human being,
thern with much greater reason does it become so of
leaders who, in the words of Stanford management
professor Harold Leavitt, by their "vision, values,
and determination, add soul to the organization".

6. The author does not consider the progress made as
'progress' as there is

1]widespread corruption. 2]environmental
3]widespread poverty. 4]all of the above.

7. The author draws the analogy of Buddha and Gandhi
to emphasize that

1]organizational leaders need to be more
2]a society is known by its leader(s).
3]the quality of a society is determined by the
quality of its leader(s).
4]survival of the leader is determined by its

8. According to the passage

1]academic journals advocate progress in society.
2]there is extensive environmental pollution in
3]affluent cities witness the greatest number of
homeless people.
4]breakthroughs in technology have transformed the
world into a global village.

9. If a person follows certain values as principles,
then he is appreciating the essence of spirit at the

1]cognitive level. 2]emotional level.
3]social level. 4]both 2&3.

10. The author is likely to agree with all of the
following except

1]knowledge of ethical values will lead to the full
realization fo one's potential.
2]spiritual acceptance of values by the individuals
of the society will lead to its progress.
3]a morally good act is an expression of
4]man functions through both body and mind.

11. Derek and Saily together have $300. After giving
Saily $40, Derek finds that he has 1/4 tha amount that
Saily has. How much money does Derek have now?

1]$60 2]$100 3]$80 4]$40

12.Jason purchased 60 shares of Trump corporation sat
$40 and later bought 40 more at $36. At what price
should he purchase 50 additional shares so that the
average cost of the shares is $35?

1]$26.40 2]$20.50 3]$28.20 4]$29.00

13. Mike loves hiking. He starts from point A and
walks 4 miles due east to point B. from there he walks
3 miles south to point C. From point C he walks 8
miles east to point D and from there he walks 6 miles
west to point E. What is the shortest distance between
point A and point E?

1]8 miles 2]5 miles 3]7 miles 4]6.7 miles

Questions 14-15 are based on the following:

The inhabitants of Kya-Kya island always answer any
question with two sentences; one of which is true and
the other is false.

14. You are looking for Venkat's house and you meet
three people- Anand, Ravi and Som. You ask them "Which
is Venkat's house?"

Anand says:Venkat's house is No.9, I am his
Ravi says:Anand is not my neighbour.Anand and Som
live in the same house.
Som says:Venkat's house is not No.9. Anand is Ravi's
There are only two houses and four people
in Kya-Kya. Two people live in each house.

From the above you can decide that

1]Venakt stays in house No.9
2]Venkat does not stay in house No.9
3]Venakt does not stay in Kya-Kya.
4]Ravi and Som stay together.

15. Who stays with Anand?

1]Ravi 2]Venkat 3]Som 4]Can't say.

Questions 16-17 are based on the following:

The average life expectancy for the United States
population as a whole is 73.9 years, but children born
in Hawaii will live an average of 77 years, and those
born in Louisiana,71.7 years. If a newly wed couple
from Louisiana were to begin their family in Hawaii,
their children would live longer than if the couple
began their family to Louisiana.

16. Which of the following, if true, would most
seriously weaken the conclusion drawn in the passage?

1]Insurance company statisticians do not believe that
moving to Hawaii will significantly lengthen the
average Louisianian's life.
2]The governor of Louisiana has falsely alleged that
statistics of his state are inaccurate.
3]The longevity attributed to Hawaii's current
population is attributed mostly to genetically
determined factors.
4]Thirty percent of all Louisianians can expect to
live longer than 77 years.

17. Which of the following, if true, would most
significantly strengthen the conclusion drawn in the

1]As population density increases in Hawaii,life
expectancy figures for the state are likely to be
revised downward.
2]Environmental factors tending to favor longevity
are abundant in Hawaii and less numerous in Louisiana.
3]Over the last decade, average life expectancy has
risen at a higher rate for Louisianians than for
4]Twnty-five percent of all Louisianians who move to
Hawaii live longer than 22 years.

For questions 18-21,read the following paragraph:

Nursery "Hara Bara" plans to undertake a project of
planting 100 sunflower plants daily for the next 100
weeks.Further,15% of the remaining plants die within 4
weeks of plantations.If a plant survives till the end
of 4th week it becomes available for sale, and the
company sells it iommediately at the beginning of the
next week at a fixed price of Rs.35 per plant.

18. Total number of plants sold by the end of 10 weeks

1]4760 2]2730 3]4550 4]2856

19. Total revenue generated by the nursery(in Rs.000s)
from the project is

1]1666.0 2]1592.5 3]1246.0 4]None of these.

20. Revenue generated by the nursery by the end of
50th week is what proportion of total revenue
generated by the project?

1]48.2% 2]46% 3]50% 4]53%

21. A pesticide available in the market reduces the
number of plants dying within 4 weeks of plantation by
25%. If each bottle of pesticide costs Rs.770 and
lasts for seven days and the nursery starts using it
only on the plants planted after the 50th week, the
net income (in Rs.'000s) from the project (net of
pesticide expenses) is:

1]1592.5 2]1725.5 3]2106.5 4]None of these.

22. Forty percent of the members of a singles club are
men. Eighty percent of he single men and 90 percent of
the single women own automobiles. A car is found in
the parking lot. What is the probability that hte car
belongs to a woman?

1]0.8352 2]0.6279 3]0.4869 4]0.5535

23. Three boxes, identical in appearance, each have
two drawers. The first box contains a gold coin in
each drawer. The second contains a silver coin in each
drawer. But the third contains a gold coin in one and
a silve coin in the other. A box is chosen, one of its
drawers opened and a gold coin found. What is the
probability that the other contains a silver coin?

1]1/2 2]1/3 3]1/6 4]1/4

Questions 24-25 are based on the following:

The fewer restricitons there are on the advertising of
legal services, the more lawyers there are who
advertise their services, and the lawyers who
advertise a specific service usually charge less for
that service than lawyers who do not advertise.
Therefroe, if the state removes any of its current
restrictions, such as the ones against advertisements
that do not specify fee arrangements, overall consumer
legal costs will be lower than if the state retains
its current restrictions.

24. If the statements are true, which of the
following must be true?

1]Some lawyers, who now advertise will charge more
for specific services if they do not have to specify
fee arrangements in the advertisements.
2]More consumers will use legal services if there are
fewer restrictions on the advertising of legal
3]If the restriction against advertisements that do
not specify fee arrangements is removed more lawyers
will advertise their services.
4]If more lawyers advertise, lawyers who do not
advertise will also charge less than they currently
charge for those services.

25. Which of the following. if true, would most
seriously weaken the argument concerning overall
consumer legal costs?

1]The state has recently removed some other
restrictions that had limited the advertising of legal
2]The state is unlikely to remove all of the
restrictions that apply solely to the advertising of
legal services.
3]Most lawyers who now specify fee arrangements in
their advertisements would continue to do so even if
the specifications were not required.
4]Most lawyers who advertise specific services do not
lower their fee for those services when they begin to

26.In a certain election only 2/5th of the voters
promised to vote for P and the rest for Q. However on
the day of elections, 15 voters went back on their
promise to P and voted for Q. Similarly 25 voters went
back on their promise to Q and voted for P, P lost the
election by two votes. The number of votes in the
election is

1]90 2]110 3]130 4]None of these.

27. A bath has two taps and a waste pipe. One of the
taps on the ownwould fill the bath in ten minutes, the
other would take a quarter of an hour, the waste pipe
can empty a full bath in exactly seven and half
minutes. Now if we start with an empty bath with both
taps fully on, when (if ever) will the bath be full if
the waste pipe is left open?

1]15 min 2]44 min 3]22.5 min 4] 30 min

Questions 28-30 are based on the following
From exactly seven people- R,S,T,U,X,Y and Z- a
group of exactly four must be selected in accordance
with the following conditions:
If R is selected, T must also be selected.
If S is selected, U must also be selected.
If X and Y are both selected, T cannot be

28. If X and Y are both selected together, which of
the following must also be selected?
1]R 2]S 3]U 4]Z

29. If S and Z are both selected, each of the
following could also be selected except:
1]R 2]T 3]U 4]X

30.If U is not selected, which of the following can
be, not does not have to be, selected?
1]R 2]S 3]T 4]X

1.) two pencils cost 8 cents. then 5 pencils cost?
(20 cents)

2. A work is done by the people in 24 minutes. One of them can do
this workalonely in 40 minutes. How much time to do the same work
for the second person?
(60 minutes)

3. A car is filled with four and half gallons of fuel for a round trip.
Fuel is taken 1/4 more in going then coming. What is the fuel
consumed in coming up? (2 gallons)

4.Low temperature at the night in a city is 1/3 more than 1/2 high as
higher temperature in a day. Sum of the low tem. and highest temp.
is 100 degrees. Then what is the low temp? (40 deg.)

5. A person, who decided to go to weekened trip should not
exceed 8 hours driving in a day. Average speed of forward journey
is 40 m/h. Due to traffic in sundays, the return journey average speed
is 30 m/h. How far he can select a picnic spot?
a) 120 miles
b) between 120 and 140 miles
c) 160 miles
ans: 120 miles

6. A salesperson multiplied a number and get the answer 3,
instead of that number devided by 3.
what is the answer he actually has to get?
1 x 3 = 3
so number = 1
devided by 3, the ans. is 1/3.

7. A ship started from port and moving with I miles per hour and another
ship started from L and moving with H miles per hour.
At which place these two ships meet? (between I and J, nearer to J)
port G H I J K L

8. A building with height D shadow upto G. A neighbour building with
what height shadows C feet. (height = B ft)

9. A person was fined for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph.
Another person was also fined for exceeding the same speed limit
by twice the same. If the second person was travelling at a
speed of 35 mph, find the speed limit. (15 mph)

10.A bus started from bustand at 8.00am, and after 30 minutes staying
at destination, it returned back to the busstand. The destination
is 27 miles from the busstand. The speed of the bus is 18mph. In
return journey bus travels with 50% fast speed.
At what time it returns to the busstand? (11.00am).

11.In a mixture, R is 2 parts, S is 1 part. In aoder to make S to
25% of the mixture, howmuch R is to be added? ( one part of R)

12. wind flows 160 miles in 330 min, for 80 miles how much time required.

13. with 4/5 full tank vehicle travels 12 miles, with 1/3 full tank
how much distance travels ( 5 miles )

14. two trees are there. one grows at 3/5 of the other in 4 years,
total growth of trees is 8 ft. what growth will smaller tree will have
in 2 years ( < 2 ft. )

15. A storm will move with a velocity of towards the centre in hours,
At the same rate how much far will it move in hrs.
( but the answer is 8/3 or 2 2/3 )


NOTE:- Below questions along with answers are directly copied and pasted from a large text file containing a large number of questions. The accuracy of these answers are is not known to me. Better sit with 2-3 friends and get the answers by solving urselves. These are some paragraphs followed by 3-4 statements. The student has to mark these statements as T (True), F (False), or C (Can't say) based on the informations provided in the paragraph

> > A.
> > my father had no brothers but his 3 sisters are all married and each has 2
> > children.my grandfather has 2 sons.
> > 1.mu father was an only child F
> > 2.3 of my aunts have sons C
> > 3.i have six cousins on my mother's side C
> > 4. i have only one uncle F

> >
> > B.
> > Senior managers in a leading company said that new japanese investment
> > in india was transforming the car industry and warned that jobs were
> > under threat from japanese competition. they stated that increasing
> > competition would be coupled with an in evitable downturn i the car market
> > and the recent rise in interst rates whaich had already hit demand.
> > 5.some senior managers said that more people will want to buy new cars in
> > the future. F
> > 6.managers told workers that japanese workers are taking jobs away from
> > indian workers in the car industry. F
> > 7.the managers issued their warning after a rise in interest rates. T
> > 8.the increased rate of the interest will mean that japanese firms will
> > cease to operate in this country. C

> >
> > C.Researchers in mumbai have found that certain types of gallstones can be
> > dissolved by injecting them with a gasoline additive in the form of ether
> > the ether is injected through a tube directly into a tube directly into
> > the gallbladder.the one day treatment works only on cholesterol-based
> > stones.not those composed largely o calcium.however as the clolesterol
> > stones are by far the most common typefor millions of gallstones
> > sufferers the treatment should offer a welcome alternative tosurgery
> > the commonest option in nost hospitals.
> > 9.injecting ether into the gallbladder dissolves most gallstones T
> > 10.surgery is the only treatment for calcium stones T
> > 11.hundreds of peoplecontains calcium stones C
> > 12.calcium stones will be cured in one day F

> >
> > D.organising the home can be perceived as conferring power so large
> > numbers of women are unwilling to let go of chores,even when they have
> > careers.a survey found that,out of 65 new marriages not one single wife
> > expected her husband to share work equally.according to the family policy
> > studies center 81% working wives return home to do all th cooking.The
> > average male has nearly half as much more tfree time at weekends
> > than his wife and the typical new father spends just 37 seconds a day
> > talking to his baby.
> > 13.most working wives do not expect their husbands to share chores
> > equally. T
> > 14.the average wife has half as much free time at weekends as her husband.
> > F
> > 15.some women collude in the unequal distribution of house hold work
> > because they want to retain control C
> > 16. 39% of all men with working wives do the cooking and all the cleaning
> > F

> >
> > E.confucius said that to know the future we have to understand the pasthis
> > time transport ,communications and scientific knowledge were less
> > developed than they are today.news took weeks to travel where as today
> > satellite links connect the continents virtually instantaneously.but
> > our technological advances in the field of communications seem not to have
> > improved our capacity to understand one another
> > 17.in confucius daay people were more intelligent C
> > 18.we understand each otheer better now than in confucius time because
> > we can travel more quickly. F
> > 19.we have made great improvements in transport since confucius day T
> > 20.none of our scientific discoveries has really improved our lives C

> >
> > F.words in totalitarian systems have aN Unhealthy importance and in such
> > states now attempting to return to a more democratic normality there has
> > been a natural inevitable and healthy devaluation of words whereas
> > previouslu a single word used in a sppech or even a play or poem could be
> > a serious political event now the words come cheaper almost free.
> > politics is politics again and poetry only poetry
> > 21.totalitarian state devalue words T
> > 22.only non-totalitarian regimes produce poetry of political importance
> > T
> > 23.writers under totalitarian regimes have to choose their words care
> > fully T
> > 24. the democratic political system is healthier than others C

> G.statistics show that millions of vehicals have beencarried by shuttle
> over the past 30 years through alpine tunnels withouty one ever catching
> tire.in the alpine tunnels.drivers and passengers sit in theirvhehicals on
> the shuttle trains.only one vehical has evercaught fire on the bussy
> french motorail equivalent system.this sort of accidents is not possible
> in a closed shuttle. assertinos that a vehical fire will lead to
> catastophe have no basis. since the resoures exit do detect,control and
> extingush a fire and to remove any persons present safely to an adjoning
> wagon, leaving any surviving fire facing rapid extinction within a wagan
> built to contain fire for 30 minutes. catastrophe seems very unlikely.
> 25. if a car cauget fire in a rail shuttle, probably none would be killed.
> (T)
> 26.at least one vehical has cauht fire in an alpine tunnel.(f)
> 27.if a fire started in a wagon, it would be allowed to burn itself out in
> 30 minutes.(f)
> 28.if would theoreticaly be possible for a car to cath fire in aclosed
> shuttle system.(F)

> H)every form of art is protected by copy write,upon the expiration
> of whitch the property passes into the public domain and becomes freely
> available to any one wishing to exploit it commercialy. the time has come
> when all treasures shoud pass to the controled of a trust,and by this made
> readily available to anyone on pament of a fee or royality.the income
> fromthe works of tagore would alone be enarmous.these who now main
> financialbenifit from his genius should make some contribution to the
> welfare of the arts in general.
> 29.tagore's plays are not protected by copyright. F
> 30.tagore's decendants should be asked to make some contribution to the
> arts C
> 31.instead of buying a ticket , theatregoers should pay a fee to trust for
> the benefit of the arts. C
> 32. More people could go to the theatre if copy rightwere abolished C

> I. Hacking is a crime made possible by a relatively new technology,
> which one of the reasons it is often poorly understood and reported.
> Many computers, but no means all,are now linked togetherin networks which
> allow users on one computer to communicate with others on the same
> network.If a computer is not networked,no manipulation of its datafrom
> another machine is possible.So long as users are authorised, networking
> is just a way of making work easier and more productive.Hacking on the
> other hand,is the unauthorised use of networks or unauthorised entty
> into the computers themselves.Most people do not need to break into the
> networks they use,since they are already accredited users.
> 33. Most hackers are authorised to break into networks F
> 34. Computers are only vulerable to the unauthorised manipulation of
> their data via another computer if they are networked T
> 35.The main reason why it is relatively easy to break into a computer is
> that few people understand the technology. C
> 36.Hackers do not work fot the firms whose networks they break into. T

> J.Although invaders represent a threat to the conservation of flora and
> fauna,there are two special cases in which invasion have been deliberately
> brought about.One is the desire to control presents by natural predators,
> whichmay have to be brought in from other countries.The second is
> releasing organisms into the wild(or on to farms,from which they might
> escape)that are completely novel,beacause they have been genetically
> engineered.There is nothing intrinsically sinister about engineered
> organisms,but any novelty must be regarded as a potential invader.
> 37.Pest control does not threat the conservation of flora and fauna. T
> 38.Genetically engineered organisms must always be regarded as poten-
> tially dangerous. F
> 39.Natural predators are work harmful than pests.T
> 40.Genetically engineered organisms escaped from the farm,they will be
> pose a threat to wildlife. T

> >
> > K.electronics technology is coming to the rescue of helicopters which can
> > be grounded or crash in icy conditions the machines are especially
> > vulnerable to the build up of ice on both their rotors and engine air
> > intake when operating in cold damp conditions.the problem is 2 fold
> > ice increases the weight and the build upp makes the aerofoils
> > less efficient .now at last a detector has been devised which the company
> > hopes will mean safer flightsand less frequent grounding.unlike most
> > devices in use at present it can detect the liquid water content of cloud
> > above freezing level.so the warning is ginven before the potential hazard
> > is encountered.
> >
> > 39.an electronic device has been invented which will prevent the build
> > up of ice on helicopter rotors F
> > 40.helicopters are sometimes grounded because in cold damp weather their
> > engine air intakes and rotors malfuntion owing to the formatrion of ice.
> > T
> > 41.only one device can at present detect the liquid water content of
> > cloud above freezing level C
> > 42.in future fewer helicopters will crash or have to grounded T
> >

> > L.anyone whos has systematically examined faces will have perceived a
> > prepondreance although not a proliferation of asymmtry.whether or not
> > the expression is volitinal and self controlled or spontaneous appears
> > to predict facial asymmetry as does the type of emotion protrayed.positive
> > emotions are usually displayed symmetrically although a left sided
> > representation of a negative emotion is more common.posed expressions and
> > negative emotions are less likely to be symmetrically represented.
> > 43.an angry person is more likely to have a lopsided expression than
> > someone who is smiling T
> > 44.a deliberately assumed facial expression will always be asymmetrical F
> > 45.an actor is likely to smile symmetrically when acting C
> 46.more self conscious people are likely to have less asymmetrically
> facial expressions than those who are less aware of themselves T

> M. human existence is not susceptible of arbitary division between
> consciousness and unconsciousness.the conscious world invades and shapes
> the activities of the unconscious while many of the great achievements of
> humanity's waking hours were wholly or partly inspires bu dreams .even if
> it could be argued that dreams precede experience such a dichotomy could
> not be drawn as the influence of dreaming on the waking state would remain
> unclear but as yet no common vocabulary exists to record the substance
> of prenatal dreaming
> 47.sleep can be a creative state. T
> 48.it is difficult to tell whether a sleeper is dr3eaming or not C
> 49. if we knew what babies dream about before they are born we could
> show that conscious and unconscious mond influence one another F
> 50. it is untrue to claim that the conscious and unconscious worlds never
> impinge on one another F