1) How would you decide weather to use C, C++ or Perl for a particular project?
2) What are pointers? Why do we use them?
3) What are the benefits of having Global & Local Variables?
4) What is ’malloc’? Why do we need to use it?
5) Write a C program to compare two arrays and write the common elements in another
6) Write a function in C to accept two integers and return the bigger integer
7) What are the advantages of C over Perl and vice versa?
8) What does ’@’ and ’&’ mean in Perl?
9) What is a ’Package’ in Perl?
10) What are Perl Regular Expressions?
11) Perl Regular Expressions are greedy. What does that mean?
12) What are Associative arrays in Perl?
13) Suppose a Perl variable has your name stored in it. Now, how can you define an array
by the name? (i.e., you have $a="Adarsh"; now you want @Adarsh=[.....])
14) Write a Perl script to parse a particular txt file and output to another file in a desired
format. (You can expect the file to have some data arranged rows & columns)
15) Suppose you have the outputs of a test program in some big test file. In Perl, how can
you test if all the outputs match a particular string?
16) What are Data Abstraction and Data Encapsulation?
17) Explain Friend Functions and Polymorphism with examples
18) Commands for changing directory, making directory, going up one directory,
knowing the file permissions and changing file permissions.
19) How do you search for a particular string in all the text files in current directory from
command line?
20) How do you sort a file alphabetically from command line?