Let me first make it clear that I don't sure about the authenicity of this post. I have just copied and paste one post from Orkut's IIT community. Here is link to the original post. http://www.orkut.com/CommMsgs.aspx?cmm=61136&tid=2433776609501958900
Here is the direct copy-n-paste of the post
Mr.Robert Chapman one of the most famous celebrity at Wall Street is visiting India for Recruiting some of the Best brains in India for Chapman Capital LLC Hedge Fund.

Mr. Robert Chapman's schedule is listed below :
Mr. Chapman is visiting India from 3rd December 2005.

1)Delhi 4th-5th December at
2) IIT Bombay 6th-7th December5:00pm P.C.Saxena Hall 6th December2005.
3) IIM Bangalore 7th-8th of December 2005 9:30pm 7th December 2005.
4)IIT Kharagpur 7:30pm 8th December2005.
5)IIM Calcutta 9th December

All are welcome to attend PPT Presentation at any of these venue. Please forward your resume to mako@chapcap.com and nishikant@gmail.com and bring a hardcopy along to the location when you meet Mr. Chapman. Please pass this posting to all the IITs and IIMs friends of yours who are interested and send the resume at earliest.
Hedge Fund Full Time & Internship Positions

email to - mako@chapcap.com

EMPLOYER: Chapman Capital L.L.C. (CCLLC), investment advisory firm specializing in companies involved in complex reorganizations/mergers and distressed equities (companies experiencing difficulties). Mr. Chapman previously worked with Salomon Bros., Goldman Sachs, NatWest plc and Scudder, Stephens & Clark. Sponsorship available.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California (USA)

APPLICATIONS: Interested candidates should send resumes and support for applicant to our Office Manager at Internet address mako@chapcap.com with subject line “India Hedge Fund Application by [Surname]”. Unsolicited phone calls will lead to automatic rejection of candidate.

DEADLINE: Applications received before December5 . 2005 will receive preference and those received after December 30, 2005 will not be reviewed.

Here is a link to the orkut profile of the guy who has posted the above lin.