1. Explain what is DMA?
2. what is pipelining?
3. what ar e super scalar machines and vliw machines?
4. what is cache?
5. what is cache coher ency and how is it eliminat ed?
6. what is wr it e back and wr it e t hr ough caches?
7. what ar e dif f er ent pipelining hazar ds and how ar e t hey eliminat ed.
8. what ar e dif f er ent st ages of a pipe?
9. eplain mor e about br anch pr edict ion in cont r olling t he cont r ol hazar ds
10. Give examples of dat a hazar ds wit h pseudo codes.
11. Caluculat ing t he number of set s given it s way and size in a cache?
12. How is a block f ound in a cache?
13. scor eboar d analysis.
14. What is miss penalt y and give your own ideas t o eliminat e it .
15. How do you impr ove t he cache per f ormance.
16. Dif f er ent addr essing modes.
17. Comput er ar it hmet ic wit h t wo’ s complement s.
18. About har dwar e and sof t war e int er r upt s.
19. What is bus cont ent ion and how do you eliminat e it .
20. What is aliasing?
21. What is t he dif f er ence bet ween a lat ch and a f lip f lop?
22. What is t he r ace ar ound condit ion? How can it be over come?
23. What is t he pur pose of cache? How is it used?
24. What ar e t he t ypes of memor y management ?