Usually it is usefull to prepare a checklist at the beggining phase of preparation for JOB. It helps by reducing the chance of missing some important topic. Here is a sample checklist for a guy preparing for ECE related JOB.

Basic EE
  • Basic circuit analysis
  • Kirchov’s laws, Thevenin and Norton equivalents
  • IV characteristics of circuit elements (R, L, C, diodes, etc.)
  • Transient response of basic circuits, RC delays
  • Intuitive operation of PN junctions and MOSFETs
  • Circuits with opamps
  • Transmission lines
  • Power dissipation
  • CMOS gates, complex gates, Latch and FF design
  • Regions of operation of a MOSFET, IV characteristics in different regions, transistor IV curves
  • Transistor cross-sections
  • Charge storage and how it impacts certain circuits
  • Capacitive coupling
  • Dynamic logic
  • Sources of capacitive load, capacitances between terminals of a MOSFET
  • Various kinds of inverters, switching delay, gain, wire delays
  • Transistor sizing
Logic / Architecture
  • Boolean logic Minimization
  • State machine design
  • Synchronous circuit timing, races, testability
  • Pipelines and hazards
  • Processor block diagrams, Cache architecture
  • Microarchitecture techniques