Here are some Interview Questions on Networking taken from

  1. Q: What is TCP? What's the difference between TCP and UDP?
  2. Q: Explain how a TCP connection gets setup and torn down
  3. Q: What is HTTP?
  4. Q: What is an HTTP Cookie?
  5. Q: How many IP addresses are in a /17 (CIDR notation)? What is the subnet mask for a /17 network? What is the broadcast? How many addresses are usable?
  6. Q: How do hostnames get translated into IP addresses? How do IP addresses get translated into MAC addresses?
  7. Q: How does a traceroute program work?
  8. Q: What does "ping" do?
  9. Q: What is a hub? What is a switch?
  10. Q: Explain the OSI 7 layer model.