1. One number of five digit is given if we append 9 before the number
    it will become 4 times when append 9 at end . WHAT IS NUMBER?
  2. 6 MONKS  6 cannible( can eat monks if C> M any time
    any where) One boat . boat can sustain at most 3 persons. Trivial
  3. Two inputs in a block are going (N1 and N2) two outputs (Max and
    min of that). If U have 4 numbers than how u use this as a building
    block to sort 4 numbers.
  1. 1) static (wrt dynamic circuits)
    2) Electromigration
    3) Hot electron
    4) Tr in Saturation
    5) Latch-up
    6) Seq. Ckt.
    7) CLM
    8) FIR filter.
  2. 1) Dynamic circuits.......with feedback   called HALF LATCH.
    2) inv with PMOS and NMOS exchanged
    3) which circuit is having smallest fall delay . options 1) NAND both
    input connected 2) NOR both input connected 3) NAND with one input
    at VDD 4) nor with one input at GND
    4) question on microprocessor
    6) question on DMA
    7) Network simple question on charge sharing
    8) Implement following statement with logic gates if(a==b) {y=p} else{y=q}
    9) One complicated ckt with two inputs and one output and VDD and
    no GND and is XNOR.
    10) Current mirror simple question current is I2 = 2I1 answer.
    11) NAND and NOR equivalent to the inverter with same rise and
    fall time.
  3. 1) Layout routing
    2) Capacitance from layout
    3) Fringing and area capacitance calculation
    4) Sheet resistance is given u have to calculate total resistance.
    5) Microprocessor question with 3-stage pipeline instruction.
    Easy question
    6) Simple circuit with glitch in that how to remove it and draw
    the waveforms. K map has given.
    7) Implemet ckt with AND/OR/INV .