1.) two pencils cost 8 cents. then 5 pencils cost?
(20 cents)

2. A work is done by the people in 24 minutes. One of them can do
this workalonely in 40 minutes. How much time to do the same work
for the second person?
(60 minutes)

3. A car is filled with four and half gallons of fuel for a round trip.
Fuel is taken 1/4 more in going then coming. What is the fuel
consumed in coming up? (2 gallons)

4.Low temperature at the night in a city is 1/3 more than 1/2 high as
higher temperature in a day. Sum of the low tem. and highest temp.
is 100 degrees. Then what is the low temp? (40 deg.)

5. A person, who decided to go to weekened trip should not
exceed 8 hours driving in a day. Average speed of forward journey
is 40 m/h. Due to traffic in sundays, the return journey average speed
is 30 m/h. How far he can select a picnic spot?
a) 120 miles
b) between 120 and 140 miles
c) 160 miles
ans: 120 miles

6. A salesperson multiplied a number and get the answer 3,
instead of that number devided by 3.
what is the answer he actually has to get?
1 x 3 = 3
so number = 1
devided by 3, the ans. is 1/3.

7. A ship started from port and moving with I miles per hour and another
ship started from L and moving with H miles per hour.
At which place these two ships meet? (between I and J, nearer to J)
port G H I J K L

8. A building with height D shadow upto G. A neighbour building with
what height shadows C feet. (height = B ft)

9. A person was fined for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph.
Another person was also fined for exceeding the same speed limit
by twice the same. If the second person was travelling at a
speed of 35 mph, find the speed limit. (15 mph)

10.A bus started from bustand at 8.00am, and after 30 minutes staying
at destination, it returned back to the busstand. The destination
is 27 miles from the busstand. The speed of the bus is 18mph. In
return journey bus travels with 50% fast speed.
At what time it returns to the busstand? (11.00am).

11.In a mixture, R is 2 parts, S is 1 part. In aoder to make S to
25% of the mixture, howmuch R is to be added? ( one part of R)

12. wind flows 160 miles in 330 min, for 80 miles how much time required.

13. with 4/5 full tank vehicle travels 12 miles, with 1/3 full tank
how much distance travels ( 5 miles )

14. two trees are there. one grows at 3/5 of the other in 4 years,
total growth of trees is 8 ft. what growth will smaller tree will have
in 2 years ( < 2 ft. )

15. A storm will move with a velocity of towards the centre in hours,
At the same rate how much far will it move in hrs.
( but the answer is 8/3 or 2 2/3 )


NOTE:- Below questions along with answers are directly copied and pasted from a large text file containing a large number of questions. The accuracy of these answers are is not known to me. Better sit with 2-3 friends and get the answers by solving urselves. These are some paragraphs followed by 3-4 statements. The student has to mark these statements as T (True), F (False), or C (Can't say) based on the informations provided in the paragraph

> > A.
> > my father had no brothers but his 3 sisters are all married and each has 2
> > children.my grandfather has 2 sons.
> > 1.mu father was an only child F
> > 2.3 of my aunts have sons C
> > 3.i have six cousins on my mother's side C
> > 4. i have only one uncle F

> >
> > B.
> > Senior managers in a leading company said that new japanese investment
> > in india was transforming the car industry and warned that jobs were
> > under threat from japanese competition. they stated that increasing
> > competition would be coupled with an in evitable downturn i the car market
> > and the recent rise in interst rates whaich had already hit demand.
> > 5.some senior managers said that more people will want to buy new cars in
> > the future. F
> > 6.managers told workers that japanese workers are taking jobs away from
> > indian workers in the car industry. F
> > 7.the managers issued their warning after a rise in interest rates. T
> > 8.the increased rate of the interest will mean that japanese firms will
> > cease to operate in this country. C

> >
> > C.Researchers in mumbai have found that certain types of gallstones can be
> > dissolved by injecting them with a gasoline additive in the form of ether
> > the ether is injected through a tube directly into a tube directly into
> > the gallbladder.the one day treatment works only on cholesterol-based
> > stones.not those composed largely o calcium.however as the clolesterol
> > stones are by far the most common typefor millions of gallstones
> > sufferers the treatment should offer a welcome alternative tosurgery
> > the commonest option in nost hospitals.
> > 9.injecting ether into the gallbladder dissolves most gallstones T
> > 10.surgery is the only treatment for calcium stones T
> > 11.hundreds of peoplecontains calcium stones C
> > 12.calcium stones will be cured in one day F

> >
> > D.organising the home can be perceived as conferring power so large
> > numbers of women are unwilling to let go of chores,even when they have
> > careers.a survey found that,out of 65 new marriages not one single wife
> > expected her husband to share work equally.according to the family policy
> > studies center 81% working wives return home to do all th cooking.The
> > average male has nearly half as much more tfree time at weekends
> > than his wife and the typical new father spends just 37 seconds a day
> > talking to his baby.
> > 13.most working wives do not expect their husbands to share chores
> > equally. T
> > 14.the average wife has half as much free time at weekends as her husband.
> > F
> > 15.some women collude in the unequal distribution of house hold work
> > because they want to retain control C
> > 16. 39% of all men with working wives do the cooking and all the cleaning
> > F

> >
> > E.confucius said that to know the future we have to understand the pasthis
> > time transport ,communications and scientific knowledge were less
> > developed than they are today.news took weeks to travel where as today
> > satellite links connect the continents virtually instantaneously.but
> > our technological advances in the field of communications seem not to have
> > improved our capacity to understand one another
> > 17.in confucius daay people were more intelligent C
> > 18.we understand each otheer better now than in confucius time because
> > we can travel more quickly. F
> > 19.we have made great improvements in transport since confucius day T
> > 20.none of our scientific discoveries has really improved our lives C

> >
> > F.words in totalitarian systems have aN Unhealthy importance and in such
> > states now attempting to return to a more democratic normality there has
> > been a natural inevitable and healthy devaluation of words whereas
> > previouslu a single word used in a sppech or even a play or poem could be
> > a serious political event now the words come cheaper almost free.
> > politics is politics again and poetry only poetry
> > 21.totalitarian state devalue words T
> > 22.only non-totalitarian regimes produce poetry of political importance
> > T
> > 23.writers under totalitarian regimes have to choose their words care
> > fully T
> > 24. the democratic political system is healthier than others C

> G.statistics show that millions of vehicals have beencarried by shuttle
> over the past 30 years through alpine tunnels withouty one ever catching
> tire.in the alpine tunnels.drivers and passengers sit in theirvhehicals on
> the shuttle trains.only one vehical has evercaught fire on the bussy
> french motorail equivalent system.this sort of accidents is not possible
> in a closed shuttle. assertinos that a vehical fire will lead to
> catastophe have no basis. since the resoures exit do detect,control and
> extingush a fire and to remove any persons present safely to an adjoning
> wagon, leaving any surviving fire facing rapid extinction within a wagan
> built to contain fire for 30 minutes. catastrophe seems very unlikely.
> 25. if a car cauget fire in a rail shuttle, probably none would be killed.
> (T)
> 26.at least one vehical has cauht fire in an alpine tunnel.(f)
> 27.if a fire started in a wagon, it would be allowed to burn itself out in
> 30 minutes.(f)
> 28.if would theoreticaly be possible for a car to cath fire in aclosed
> shuttle system.(F)

> H)every form of art is protected by copy write,upon the expiration
> of whitch the property passes into the public domain and becomes freely
> available to any one wishing to exploit it commercialy. the time has come
> when all treasures shoud pass to the controled of a trust,and by this made
> readily available to anyone on pament of a fee or royality.the income
> fromthe works of tagore would alone be enarmous.these who now main
> financialbenifit from his genius should make some contribution to the
> welfare of the arts in general.
> 29.tagore's plays are not protected by copyright. F
> 30.tagore's decendants should be asked to make some contribution to the
> arts C
> 31.instead of buying a ticket , theatregoers should pay a fee to trust for
> the benefit of the arts. C
> 32. More people could go to the theatre if copy rightwere abolished C

> I. Hacking is a crime made possible by a relatively new technology,
> which one of the reasons it is often poorly understood and reported.
> Many computers, but no means all,are now linked togetherin networks which
> allow users on one computer to communicate with others on the same
> network.If a computer is not networked,no manipulation of its datafrom
> another machine is possible.So long as users are authorised, networking
> is just a way of making work easier and more productive.Hacking on the
> other hand,is the unauthorised use of networks or unauthorised entty
> into the computers themselves.Most people do not need to break into the
> networks they use,since they are already accredited users.
> 33. Most hackers are authorised to break into networks F
> 34. Computers are only vulerable to the unauthorised manipulation of
> their data via another computer if they are networked T
> 35.The main reason why it is relatively easy to break into a computer is
> that few people understand the technology. C
> 36.Hackers do not work fot the firms whose networks they break into. T

> J.Although invaders represent a threat to the conservation of flora and
> fauna,there are two special cases in which invasion have been deliberately
> brought about.One is the desire to control presents by natural predators,
> whichmay have to be brought in from other countries.The second is
> releasing organisms into the wild(or on to farms,from which they might
> escape)that are completely novel,beacause they have been genetically
> engineered.There is nothing intrinsically sinister about engineered
> organisms,but any novelty must be regarded as a potential invader.
> 37.Pest control does not threat the conservation of flora and fauna. T
> 38.Genetically engineered organisms must always be regarded as poten-
> tially dangerous. F
> 39.Natural predators are work harmful than pests.T
> 40.Genetically engineered organisms escaped from the farm,they will be
> pose a threat to wildlife. T

> >
> > K.electronics technology is coming to the rescue of helicopters which can
> > be grounded or crash in icy conditions the machines are especially
> > vulnerable to the build up of ice on both their rotors and engine air
> > intake when operating in cold damp conditions.the problem is 2 fold
> > ice increases the weight and the build upp makes the aerofoils
> > less efficient .now at last a detector has been devised which the company
> > hopes will mean safer flightsand less frequent grounding.unlike most
> > devices in use at present it can detect the liquid water content of cloud
> > above freezing level.so the warning is ginven before the potential hazard
> > is encountered.
> >
> > 39.an electronic device has been invented which will prevent the build
> > up of ice on helicopter rotors F
> > 40.helicopters are sometimes grounded because in cold damp weather their
> > engine air intakes and rotors malfuntion owing to the formatrion of ice.
> > T
> > 41.only one device can at present detect the liquid water content of
> > cloud above freezing level C
> > 42.in future fewer helicopters will crash or have to grounded T
> >

> > L.anyone whos has systematically examined faces will have perceived a
> > prepondreance although not a proliferation of asymmtry.whether or not
> > the expression is volitinal and self controlled or spontaneous appears
> > to predict facial asymmetry as does the type of emotion protrayed.positive
> > emotions are usually displayed symmetrically although a left sided
> > representation of a negative emotion is more common.posed expressions and
> > negative emotions are less likely to be symmetrically represented.
> > 43.an angry person is more likely to have a lopsided expression than
> > someone who is smiling T
> > 44.a deliberately assumed facial expression will always be asymmetrical F
> > 45.an actor is likely to smile symmetrically when acting C
> 46.more self conscious people are likely to have less asymmetrically
> facial expressions than those who are less aware of themselves T

> M. human existence is not susceptible of arbitary division between
> consciousness and unconsciousness.the conscious world invades and shapes
> the activities of the unconscious while many of the great achievements of
> humanity's waking hours were wholly or partly inspires bu dreams .even if
> it could be argued that dreams precede experience such a dichotomy could
> not be drawn as the influence of dreaming on the waking state would remain
> unclear but as yet no common vocabulary exists to record the substance
> of prenatal dreaming
> 47.sleep can be a creative state. T
> 48.it is difficult to tell whether a sleeper is dr3eaming or not C
> 49. if we knew what babies dream about before they are born we could
> show that conscious and unconscious mond influence one another F
> 50. it is untrue to claim that the conscious and unconscious worlds never
> impinge on one another F