Questions 1-3 are based on the following:

In a group there are five persons A,B,C,D and E. There
is a sitarist, a professor and a sports person in
thegroup. E is the husband of a member of the
group.This couple is the only married couple in the
group. B is the brother of C. B is neither a professor
nor a sports person. None of the women is either a
sitarist or a sports person. A and D are unmarried and
neither of them is a sitarist or a professsor or a
sports person.

1. Which of the following people is E's wife?

1]A 2]B 3]C 4]D

2. Who is a sports person?

1]A 2]E 3]B 4]C

3. Who is a sitarist?

1]B 2]A 3]C 4]D

4. In a factory, 'a' men work 'b' hours a day and
produce 'c' articles each day. If 'd' men are
released, how many hours a day will the remaining men
have to work to produce 'c'articles each day?

1]ab/d 2]ab/b 3]a-d/b 4]ab/a-d

5. A county cricket team has won 10 matches and lost
4. If these matches represent 70% of the matches to be
played, how many more matches should the team win so
as to have a record of 75% iwns?

1]5 2]6 3]4 4]3

For questions 6-10, read the passage and answer the
questions that follow:

At a time when impressive breakthroughs in
technology are providing new and better products and
services, when improved communications are
transforming thw world into a global village, and when
democracies are sprouting in former communist lands,
we are simultaneously witnessing events that makie us
questioin whether so much progress is indeed
For example, we see reports of widespread
bribery by Italina and Japanese government officials,
exorbitant salaries for executives in North America,
extensive environmental pollution in eastern Europe,
and other instances of immoral or morally questionable
conduct in our organizations. In many otherwise
prospeous and afluent cities, we see an increase in
the numbers of homeless people. Even those who are
fortunate enough to have a job find that work is not
only not an opportunity for growth, but a source of
anxiety and insecurity.
In the popular media as well as in academic
journals, we see great interest in the proposition
that business and other organizations leaders need to
become more responsible not just ot their stock
jolders but also to other stake holders- consumers,
employees, suppliers,government, and locla communites.
Put simply, the quality of life and perhaps the
survivial of society depend on the moral caliber of
its members. This moral caliber, however, is largely
determined by people in leadership positions. The way
leaders function in their positions of influence
directly contributes to strengthening pr weakening the
moral fiber or society. The lives of Buddha, Mohammed,
Lao-Tzu, Gandhi and Socrates attest to their salutary
influence in their own way as well as for all time.
A human being functions not just through the
physical body but also through the use of the
intellect and the will. The intellect penetrates those
deep levels of reality that are spiritual in nature
but that the physical senses and processes cannot
access. It does this through abstract concepts and
ideas that help to make sense of and give meaning to
the acts in the light of spiritual knowledge. It helps
us to make moral choices in living a spiritually
guided life.
How do we describe the concept of spirituality
and its place in that domain? Spirituality is
difficult to define in a manner that is universally
acceptablke because religious beliefs and rites differ
widely age to age and from one society to another.
However, if we analyze the spiritual experience per se
and its behavioral manifestations among individuals of
different religious backgrounds, there is much accord
on the understanding and appreciation of the essence
of spirit at three levels: cognitive, affective, and
outward behavior.
At a cognitive level,spiritual experience
represents a realization that,a t the core of human
existence, there is set of virtues and vices. Virtues
- prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance- are
good habits that enable us to stirve toward relizng
our full potential. Ideally, the goal of human life is
to live these values and overcome the vices.
At an affective or emotional level, the spiritual
experience represents a complete trust and dependence
on such virtues. In its most sublime, the spiritual
experience represents a complete identification with
these values,or with an individual embodying these
values, tha aim being to achieve some forme of
enduring blissful state of existence.
How is the spiritual experience expressed in
outward behavior? What are the sources of the norms
andd principles within the spiritual domain? Response
to such questions generally come from prescriptions of
moral observance of the laws. It is not a question of
an act being legal or illegal, but whether the act is
good or evil. A morally good act is necessarily an
expression of a spirtual act.
The ability to distinguish between morally good
and evil acts is critical to the formation of
character. Knowing ehtical principles alone is of
little value unless we make an effort to habitually
incorporate these principles in our behaviour.
In the final analysis, the reward of the
spiritual experience is that it enables each
individual to grow and fully realize the tremendous
potential unique to that person. If a good moral
character is of the essence of every human being,
thern with much greater reason does it become so of
leaders who, in the words of Stanford management
professor Harold Leavitt, by their "vision, values,
and determination, add soul to the organization".

6. The author does not consider the progress made as
'progress' as there is

1]widespread corruption. 2]environmental
3]widespread poverty. 4]all of the above.

7. The author draws the analogy of Buddha and Gandhi
to emphasize that

1]organizational leaders need to be more
2]a society is known by its leader(s).
3]the quality of a society is determined by the
quality of its leader(s).
4]survival of the leader is determined by its

8. According to the passage

1]academic journals advocate progress in society.
2]there is extensive environmental pollution in
3]affluent cities witness the greatest number of
homeless people.
4]breakthroughs in technology have transformed the
world into a global village.

9. If a person follows certain values as principles,
then he is appreciating the essence of spirit at the

1]cognitive level. 2]emotional level.
3]social level. 4]both 2&3.

10. The author is likely to agree with all of the
following except

1]knowledge of ethical values will lead to the full
realization fo one's potential.
2]spiritual acceptance of values by the individuals
of the society will lead to its progress.
3]a morally good act is an expression of
4]man functions through both body and mind.

11. Derek and Saily together have $300. After giving
Saily $40, Derek finds that he has 1/4 tha amount that
Saily has. How much money does Derek have now?

1]$60 2]$100 3]$80 4]$40

12.Jason purchased 60 shares of Trump corporation sat
$40 and later bought 40 more at $36. At what price
should he purchase 50 additional shares so that the
average cost of the shares is $35?

1]$26.40 2]$20.50 3]$28.20 4]$29.00

13. Mike loves hiking. He starts from point A and
walks 4 miles due east to point B. from there he walks
3 miles south to point C. From point C he walks 8
miles east to point D and from there he walks 6 miles
west to point E. What is the shortest distance between
point A and point E?

1]8 miles 2]5 miles 3]7 miles 4]6.7 miles

Questions 14-15 are based on the following:

The inhabitants of Kya-Kya island always answer any
question with two sentences; one of which is true and
the other is false.

14. You are looking for Venkat's house and you meet
three people- Anand, Ravi and Som. You ask them "Which
is Venkat's house?"

Anand says:Venkat's house is No.9, I am his
Ravi says:Anand is not my neighbour.Anand and Som
live in the same house.
Som says:Venkat's house is not No.9. Anand is Ravi's
There are only two houses and four people
in Kya-Kya. Two people live in each house.

From the above you can decide that

1]Venakt stays in house No.9
2]Venkat does not stay in house No.9
3]Venakt does not stay in Kya-Kya.
4]Ravi and Som stay together.

15. Who stays with Anand?

1]Ravi 2]Venkat 3]Som 4]Can't say.

Questions 16-17 are based on the following:

The average life expectancy for the United States
population as a whole is 73.9 years, but children born
in Hawaii will live an average of 77 years, and those
born in Louisiana,71.7 years. If a newly wed couple
from Louisiana were to begin their family in Hawaii,
their children would live longer than if the couple
began their family to Louisiana.

16. Which of the following, if true, would most
seriously weaken the conclusion drawn in the passage?

1]Insurance company statisticians do not believe that
moving to Hawaii will significantly lengthen the
average Louisianian's life.
2]The governor of Louisiana has falsely alleged that
statistics of his state are inaccurate.
3]The longevity attributed to Hawaii's current
population is attributed mostly to genetically
determined factors.
4]Thirty percent of all Louisianians can expect to
live longer than 77 years.

17. Which of the following, if true, would most
significantly strengthen the conclusion drawn in the

1]As population density increases in Hawaii,life
expectancy figures for the state are likely to be
revised downward.
2]Environmental factors tending to favor longevity
are abundant in Hawaii and less numerous in Louisiana.
3]Over the last decade, average life expectancy has
risen at a higher rate for Louisianians than for
4]Twnty-five percent of all Louisianians who move to
Hawaii live longer than 22 years.

For questions 18-21,read the following paragraph:

Nursery "Hara Bara" plans to undertake a project of
planting 100 sunflower plants daily for the next 100
weeks.Further,15% of the remaining plants die within 4
weeks of plantations.If a plant survives till the end
of 4th week it becomes available for sale, and the
company sells it iommediately at the beginning of the
next week at a fixed price of Rs.35 per plant.

18. Total number of plants sold by the end of 10 weeks

1]4760 2]2730 3]4550 4]2856

19. Total revenue generated by the nursery(in Rs.000s)
from the project is

1]1666.0 2]1592.5 3]1246.0 4]None of these.

20. Revenue generated by the nursery by the end of
50th week is what proportion of total revenue
generated by the project?

1]48.2% 2]46% 3]50% 4]53%

21. A pesticide available in the market reduces the
number of plants dying within 4 weeks of plantation by
25%. If each bottle of pesticide costs Rs.770 and
lasts for seven days and the nursery starts using it
only on the plants planted after the 50th week, the
net income (in Rs.'000s) from the project (net of
pesticide expenses) is:

1]1592.5 2]1725.5 3]2106.5 4]None of these.

22. Forty percent of the members of a singles club are
men. Eighty percent of he single men and 90 percent of
the single women own automobiles. A car is found in
the parking lot. What is the probability that hte car
belongs to a woman?

1]0.8352 2]0.6279 3]0.4869 4]0.5535

23. Three boxes, identical in appearance, each have
two drawers. The first box contains a gold coin in
each drawer. The second contains a silver coin in each
drawer. But the third contains a gold coin in one and
a silve coin in the other. A box is chosen, one of its
drawers opened and a gold coin found. What is the
probability that the other contains a silver coin?

1]1/2 2]1/3 3]1/6 4]1/4

Questions 24-25 are based on the following:

The fewer restricitons there are on the advertising of
legal services, the more lawyers there are who
advertise their services, and the lawyers who
advertise a specific service usually charge less for
that service than lawyers who do not advertise.
Therefroe, if the state removes any of its current
restrictions, such as the ones against advertisements
that do not specify fee arrangements, overall consumer
legal costs will be lower than if the state retains
its current restrictions.

24. If the statements are true, which of the
following must be true?

1]Some lawyers, who now advertise will charge more
for specific services if they do not have to specify
fee arrangements in the advertisements.
2]More consumers will use legal services if there are
fewer restrictions on the advertising of legal
3]If the restriction against advertisements that do
not specify fee arrangements is removed more lawyers
will advertise their services.
4]If more lawyers advertise, lawyers who do not
advertise will also charge less than they currently
charge for those services.

25. Which of the following. if true, would most
seriously weaken the argument concerning overall
consumer legal costs?

1]The state has recently removed some other
restrictions that had limited the advertising of legal
2]The state is unlikely to remove all of the
restrictions that apply solely to the advertising of
legal services.
3]Most lawyers who now specify fee arrangements in
their advertisements would continue to do so even if
the specifications were not required.
4]Most lawyers who advertise specific services do not
lower their fee for those services when they begin to

26.In a certain election only 2/5th of the voters
promised to vote for P and the rest for Q. However on
the day of elections, 15 voters went back on their
promise to P and voted for Q. Similarly 25 voters went
back on their promise to Q and voted for P, P lost the
election by two votes. The number of votes in the
election is

1]90 2]110 3]130 4]None of these.

27. A bath has two taps and a waste pipe. One of the
taps on the ownwould fill the bath in ten minutes, the
other would take a quarter of an hour, the waste pipe
can empty a full bath in exactly seven and half
minutes. Now if we start with an empty bath with both
taps fully on, when (if ever) will the bath be full if
the waste pipe is left open?

1]15 min 2]44 min 3]22.5 min 4] 30 min

Questions 28-30 are based on the following
From exactly seven people- R,S,T,U,X,Y and Z- a
group of exactly four must be selected in accordance
with the following conditions:
If R is selected, T must also be selected.
If S is selected, U must also be selected.
If X and Y are both selected, T cannot be

28. If X and Y are both selected together, which of
the following must also be selected?
1]R 2]S 3]U 4]Z

29. If S and Z are both selected, each of the
following could also be selected except:
1]R 2]T 3]U 4]X

30.If U is not selected, which of the following can
be, not does not have to be, selected?
1]R 2]S 3]T 4]X