1. BE * BE = ACB. Identify A,B,C. Ans : BE = 19
  2. 1/3 of water gets evaporated from a fully filled jar on the first day.
    On the second day 2/3 rd of the left portion gets evaporated. What is
    the amt of water left.
  3. There are 9 cards in three rows and three columns. There is a Red card
    either in the first or second row. There are Three yellow cards occupying
    3 columns. There are three green cards one in each row, and one being in
    the last column. There are two Blue cards one being in the last row.
    Identify their locations.
  4. I was in one of the 9 Aero-planes packed in a single rowIf the product
    of my place from right and the planes to my left is lesser by three than
    the product when I was shifted by 3 position towards right.
    What is my position? (The figures in this pbm may not be exact).
  5. M, T, K, E, and A went to collect berries. Only M collected 40 berries.
    She distributed them among all others, keeping nothing for her. On the
    way T found 2 berries, K lost 2, E doubled her qty, and A lost half of
    what she had. Then all of them were left with equal berries.How many
    beries did M give to each of them.
  6. I walk down the escalator. If I walk 24 steps I require 34 min. If I walk
    down 36 steps I need 26 min. What are the no of steps on the escalator.
    ( Puzzle no 27 of PUZZLES TO PUZZLE YOU by Shakuntala Devi)
  7. There are five people. Each one has a coin on his fore head. It is black
    if he is a liar else it is white. A says I can see four Blacks. B says I
    can see 2 black and 2 whites. WHo is lieing.
  8. A person was collecting end pieces of Cigerettes. He was managed to collect 49
    pieces. We need 7 such pieces to make new one. So how many Cigerettes he can
  9. A person moving from a place(camp)., towards East one mile, then towards North
    half mile, towards West 1/4 the mile, towards South 1/8th mile and again
    towards East 1/16th mile and so on. That is the distance between him and the
    starting point.
  10. 500 men were arranged in 10 rows and 50 columns. They picked the oldest person
    from each row and the tallest of these persons is 'A'. They replace them in
    their places and again picked tallest person from each column and the shortest
    of these persons is 'B'. Assume A & B are different people. Who is the
    tallest person among A & B?
  11. The product of two nonzero numbers is 1,000,000,000. What are the
    numbers ? (Both number don't contain any zero)
  12. There is Mathematician. He met his friend and asked about his children.
    His friend told in the form of a problem that he has three children. The
    product of their ages is 36. The addition of their ages is the door number
    of his left side house. Mathematician went and checked the door number
    He told that the clues are not sufficient. He gave another clue that
    is his younger daughter is clearly younger. What are their ages ?
  13. There is a light glows in the interval of 13 sec. It glows first at one
    hour 54 minutes 50 seconds and the last glow is at 3 hour 17 minute and 49
    seconds. How many times is that light glow, with in these two times ?
  14. After spending 1/3 of money and then 1/4th of what remained and finally 1/5th
    of what remained, I found that I had Rs.100/- left. How much money I had
    at first ?
  15. A Black Smith was given a chain torn into equal sections of 3 links
    each and asked to fix it. How many links(minimum) would he has to open
    up and reforge ?
  16. There are six boxes, of which some boxes contain only red balls and some other
    boxes contain only Black balls. The number of balls in six differnet boxes are
    5,6,12,14,23,and 29. If he sells
  17. first person : I am sure you are at least 40 years old and I am 5 years
    younger than you.
    second person : I am 35 and you are atleast 5 years elder than me. None
    of these persons spoke truth. What are their ages ?
  18. Orange cup has Orange Juice. White cup has apple Juice. %0 ml of
    Orange Juice is taken and mixed with Apple Juice. From that mixture
    50 ml is taken and poured into Orange cup. Now whether apple Juice
    in Orange Cupis more or Orange Juice in White cup is more and by what amount?
  19. Ms. Sheela goes her home by car from Station. Her driver comes and
    picks her up daily at 5.00 p.m. One day Sheela arrives at Station one
    hour earlier and starts walking towards home. On the way driver
    picked her up. By this they reached home 30 minutes earlier. For how
    long she was walking ?
  20. Some students went on a trip to Goa in holidays. Unfortunately it
    rained on some days. In a surprising manner if it rained in the
    morning, they had a good afternoon and vice versa. They had 11 morning
    visits and 12 afternoon visits. Altogether it rained for 13 days
    during their stays. What is the duration of Holidays ?
  21. A survey was conducted for 100 people by Door Darshan
    1. 44 people watched channel I
    2. 43 " " " II
    3. 27 " " " III
    4. 17 " " " I & II
    5. 14 " " " I &III
    6. 13 " " " II & III
    7. 23 watched none.
    How many watched I II & III ?
  22. Two Swimmers at different rate but at constant Speed were swimming.
    They met at 18 meters from deep end. Both swimmers took rest for
    4.5 seconds. During their return they crossed at 10 meters from
    ashlor end. What is the length of the pool ?
  23. Mr. Raj goes to Office by Train. First train in Main line Starts at
    5:02:0. In Harbour Line it starts at 5:10:0. Every Ten minutes there
    is one train. What is the probability that Raj travels in harbour line
    at a random time of Driving the Station?