1. A horse is tied to the corner of a square of side 15 m with a rope of
    length 14m.Find the area which the horse can graze and the area which
    it cannot.
  2. The ratio of incomes of C and D is 3:4.the ratio of their
    expenditures is 4:5.Find the ratio of their savings if the savings of C if one
    fourths of his income.
  3. Find the no of ways in which four balls can be selected from 4 green
    and 6 white balls
  4. A is 6 times as fast as B and takes 100 days less to complete a work
    than B. find the total no of days taken by A and B to complete the
  5. A cube is painted Black. It is divided into 125 equal cubes.find the
    no of cubes which have atleast 2 sides painted black.
  6. If a covers 15 miles in 20 minutes and 20 miles in 30 min then find
    the average speed of A.
  7. The ratio of the no of boys to teachers is 3:80.if 3/5 of the
    students r girls and the no of boys is 51 more then the no of girls find the
    no of teachers.( Not sure may be one more condition missing).
  1. Register variables can hold

    a Garbage values
    b Arrays
    c Double values
    d All of the above
  2. When an array is passed to a function what exactly is passed.

    the values of the array
    the address of the starting variable in the array.
    The addresses of the elements in the array
  3. Compiler recognizes the function as pure virtual function if
    A The function if equated to 0.
    B the function has no body
    C if it is declared with the keyword virtual
    D none
  4. which of the foll is correct

    A static enum num{ON,OFF}
    B static const enum num{ON, OFF}
    C const enum num{ON, OFF}
    D None
  5. 1. What is Peer to Peer protocol?
    2. What is Router, Modem, TCP/IP & in which layer they operate?
    3. What is the function of router?
    4. What are the different types of Modems?
    5. What are the different types of Addressing?
    6. How does Internet work?
    7. What do you mean by Client- server?
    8. Can we call server as a Peer?
    9. What are the components of the Application Layer?
HR Questions:-
  1. Very common HR questions were asked:
    1. Introduce urself.
    2. weakness?
    3. Why WIPRO?
    4. ready to relocate?
    5. what do you know about Wipro?

    Some questions were asked from the CV:
    1. Why did you scored less in Class-XII than class-X
    2. How did you get the project from MICROSOFT?
    3. What are your hobbies?
    4. What was the Debate Topic in which u participated?
    5. How were you selected for All India Mathematics Olympiad Exam?
    6. What were your contributions in the college Fest?
  2. 1. Introduce urself.
    2. Family background.
    3. Why JIS College of Engineering?